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Everyday Flowers Coupon Code Save 5%.

Save 5% on your online order today by using our coupon
code "oranges" during the checkout process.

Coupon codes are only available for use on website orders only.  The
5% discount will be applied to all products on our website.  Discount
codes can only be used for items that we deliver in Orange County

Discounts For Orders Being Sent Out Of Our Delivery Area.
Out of respect to other florist that are sent orders from our store we
are unable to apply discounts to these orders.  However please
remember that we do not charge any kind of service fee and you are
responsible for only paying for the delivery fee and the cost of the
product that you wish to send.  This money is sent to the florist that will
create and hand deliver your order.  Items that are sent to other florist
include all items listed under the Teleflora Flowers page.

If you wish to send our products to another florist please call our store
so that we can explain which items we will feel comfortable sending to
another florist.

Multiple Coupon Codes.
Only one coupon code can be used per order on our website.  You
can use the coupon code as many times as you like for each order
that is placed on the website.
Everyday Flowers Coupon Code
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